Can Safari replace Firefox?

Much ado has been made about Steve Job’s presentation at WWDC and, specifically, a pie chart showing IE with a market share unaffected by the release of Safari for Windows but with Safari claiming the entirety of the remaining market share. Mozilla COO John Lilly suggests, quite understandably, that Apple is intending to gain market share at Firefox's expense. The question is: does Apple understand the target audience and can they deliver on a browser that delivers for that target audience better than Mozilla Firefox does?

Website identification in Firefox 3

Johnathan Nightingale recently presented his work on making website identity more transparent (and less confusing) for Firefox users. I downloaded his prototype extension to see for myself exactly where he was headed and I ended up becoming much more interested in his project.

Bookmarklets in Firefox

Firefox extensions are great for adding significant functionality to the browser but for simpler features that can be provided with a simple bookmarklet I prefer not to use an extension. The reason is that every extension adds more code and memory consumption which slows down your browser more and more. However, many bookmarklets are unable to open a new tab or window in their published form.

Tabbed browsing comes of age

It looks like tabbed browsing will finally get the usability boost it needs in Firefox 1.0. A recent check-in adds the needed ability to open links from either a webpage or from an external application in a new tab instead of in a new window.

I can finally feel good about not working on the Tabbrowser Preferences extension. I had hoped this functionality would be added eventually anyway.

Preaching security to banks

I feel somewhat lucky in that my bank supports, to some extent, browsers other than MSIE. My one complaint is that printing in any other browser sucks.

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