Dear Google

Dear Google,

I think you go too far. Organizing all my data is one thing. Google Desktop's new feature of collecting every piece of information about me and that I own and transferring it to your site (in order to make it globally searchable) is quite another. Regardless of the integrity of your security, your well-intentions, and your vow to do no evil I have the following concerns.

BJCP style guideline update is published

After a lot of hard work, I've reformatted the BJCP style guidelines in XML and generated newly formatted html pages. I am happy to say that the pages validate as XHTML 1.0 strict and are much more accessible and easy to navigate now. I took the opportunity to mark up abbreviations and create hyperlinks between the styles.

Hopefully, having the guidelines in XML will make them more manageable in the future, and will provide for easier integration into applications if people have requirements to do so.

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