Golden Gray for Drupal 4.7


I've ported William Pramana's fine Golden Gray Wordpress theme to Drupal 4.7 for a site I'm creating. It was a quick job so there are likely issues but it works reasonably well. It has been tested with Firefox 1.5, Opera 8, and IE 6 on Drupal 4.7.0-beta3 with a modicum of modules (forum, blog, image, and other core modules) enabled.

Known issues include:

  • layout stretches with large images or other non-wrappable content
  • list bullets are Drupal default and not those of the original Golden Gray theme
  • site logo image is not supported
  • secondary links are not handled very well

Also please note that I have no immediate intention of maintaining this theme (supporting other versions, or even fixing bugs). You should probably post bugs or support questions at the Drupal Theme forum.

You can get the theme here.