Luna theme for Mozilla Firefox

Luna is a theme for the Mozilla Firefox web browser that styles the UI like the Windows XP Luna theme. This theme uses native widgets (buttons and scrollbars that are styled by the operating system).

Note that I currently have no plans to update this theme for Firefox 2.0 as I no longer use it personally so my motivation to do so has diminished.

To install the theme, simply find your Firefox version in the list below and click the link. You will need to enable "software installs" for this page for this to work. Alternatively, save the file to your computer (right-click on the link and select "Save Link As..") and then drag the file onto the Themes dialog in Firefox.

There are screenshots here.


In addition to updating the theme for Firefox 1.5, I reorganized much of the css and image files so expect minor issues. I may update the theme again soon if issues are discovered.

Theme Options

To use these optional stylesheets, simply place the appropriate @import line in your userChrome.css file. You MUST place any @import lines at the top ABOVE any @namespace lines.

  • This optional stylesheet (ONLY for v1.5+) replaces the Firefox throbber with the Windows throbber. @import url("chrome://browser/skin/winthrobber.css");
  • This optional stylesheet displays the toolbar button text for certain buttons (Back, Bookmarks, Downloads) to replicate the WinXP option. @import url("chrome://browser/skin/selectivetext.css");
  • This optional stylesheet (ONLY for 1.5+) changes the browser tabs into buttons. @import url("chrome://browser/skin/browsertabbuttons.css");
  • This optional stylesheet (ONLY for v1.0) changes the browser tab buttons into tabs. @import url("chrome://browser/skin/browsertabs.css");
  • The horizontal toolbar separators (along with most things) in this theme are natively styled. Using this optional stylesheet (in WinXp with the Luna theme) will override the native style to make the toolbar separators look the same as the WinXP separators. @import url("chrome://browser/skin/toolbarseparators.css");
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