Aberdein Considine launches online debt counseling service


The national law firm created getmedebtfree.com as part of an ongoing program of support for people in debt of all types, regardless of where they live or what stage they are in with their financial difficulties.

The company is already working with a number of UK lenders on debt collection and has developed systems to help borrowers manage debts or deal with financial problems.

Financial education

It also emphasizes financial education and helps young people understand the possible risks of accumulating unmanageable debt.

Over the past three years he has invested over £ 10,000 to deliver money management courses to schools, including sessions on how mortgages, credit cards and interest rates work.

It also runs “Maths into Finance” sessions, which teach high school students about national budgeting, pensions and taxes, as well as borrowing and debt management.

This latest development, which Aberdein Considine promises will not involve any entry of personal data, will provide people with debt problems with free assistance at any stage of the process, with the goal of being able to to face any difficulty in a more informed way.

Provide support

Myra Scott, Partner and Head of Lender Services Practice Group at Aberdein Considine, said: “Financial difficulties can be a source of significant stress for individuals and their families and it is essential that lenders and those who work with them borrowers meet the highest standards. service and provide the necessary support at all times.

“It is not in anyone’s best interest that borrowers find it difficult to manage their debts and the new site provides an additional tool to help those who simply want more advice on financial issues or those who are already in the process of. go through a recovery process ”.

Aberdein Considine has recently added additional governance and expertise to the litigation process, particularly in cases that have been identified as having an increased potential for vulnerable circumstances.

In addition, all staff have received training from the NHS on assisting and working with vulnerable clients.

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