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BURLINGTON, Mass. – Finvi, a leading provider of enterprise workflow automation software designed to accelerate revenue capture and simplify the checkout process, recently launched a new integration between its payment and workflow software Katabat. With the addition of the integrated Finvi Payments solution, Katabat is now an all-in-one payment and workflow platform designed to increase collection rates and streamline operations through a combination of powerful collection tools. digital engagement and payment processing.

This new integration provides Katabat users with built-in compliance rules and modern digital communication capabilities, such as SMS and email, combined with convenient and familiar payment options (e.g. debit, credit and ACH) to meet the demands of today’s mobile. , hectic world.

While the popularity of digital payments has grown over the years – with transaction volume expected to reach $1.765 billion in 2022 and around $3.528 billion by 2027, according to Statist – there’s no option Self-service online checkouts can cause friction and hamper collection efforts.

The new payment option not only allows agents to accept payments over the phone by credit, debit or ACH directly on the Katabat portal, but also offers these same options to customers via a self-service portal, giving them access 24/7 they have. come expect.

“Today’s consumer demands convenience and flexibility – as a true partner to our customers, we want to help them deliver that convenience in the easiest way possible,” said Tim O’Brien, CEO of Finvi. “This new all-in-one solution achieves this by giving our customers everything they need in a single implementation: omnichannel communications and modern payment options. The days of promissory notes and paper checks are over.

With text messaging rapidly growing in popularity as one of today’s primary forms of communication, adding secure payment options to Katabat’s already robust digital and omnichannel communications platform was next. logical step in product innovation.

“Having the ability to reach consumers through the channel of their choice, including text or email, is critical for our customers,” O’Brien explained. “Our number one priority is to provide the advanced technology our customers need to ensure revenue recovery success. With that in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to bring this feature to our Katabat customers.

Want to know more about this integration? Register for a live webinar on Monday, September 26, 2022.

About Finvi

Formerly Ontario Systems, Finvi is a leading provider of enterprise technologies that streamline and accelerate revenue recovery for customers in healthcare, government, accounts receivable management and financial institutions. Through process automation and modern, compliance-aware communication and payment tools, Finvi enables its client partners to generate more revenue at lower cost and achieve their stated business results by effectively engaging those who pay.

With offices in the states of Massachusetts, Indiana, New Mexico, Delaware and Washington as well as employees across the country, Finvi continues to build on 40 years of success using a resolutely focused approach on people in terms of innovation and service. A recognized brand in the revenue cycle management (RCM) market, Finvi helps more than 600 hospital networks, including 5 of the 15 largest systems in the United States, optimize collections and provide a unique and satisfying financial experience for patients. patients. Finvi also serves 8 of the top 10 ARM agencies in the US as well as a number of financial institutions around the world. Additionally, Finvi’s workflow platforms power government agencies and court systems across the country at the federal, state and municipal levels.

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