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Financial insecurity is a real problem many are going through these days. With very little to no savings aggravated by bad credit ratings, many can’t just turn to traditional financial institutions like banks and credit unions.

About 12 million Americans reach out to companies granting cash advances, payday loans, or similar offers every year. And that’s because this is the easiest, most guaranteed way to get that much-needed cash for necessary day-to-day expenses fast.

One of these companies is called Lendly.

Very recently established in Dayton, Ohio, Lendly is an authorized servicer of Capital Community Bank (CCBank), which is also headquartered in the same state.

Like most creditors offering the loan types mentioned above, Lendly also looks past one’s credit ratings and has a ‘no checks’ practice. They are more focused on one’s employment history, favoring those who have been employed for six months straight or more.

Best of all, they process applications quite fast. Clients can simply fill up their online forms in less than five minutes and are given the decision within 24 hours of their submission.

Loans Like Lendly – #1 Alternative: Viva Payday Loans

Lendly is not the only company offering payday loans. There are numerous others – some offering better deals, giving fairer plans, and providing superior service.

Below is a comparison table showing the most salient information about Lendly and companies offering loans like Lendly. Potential borrowers ought to look for these when thinking of applying for a loan.

Financial Service Loan Amounts Loan Terms APR Range Loan Fees Customer Support
Lendly Loans $1,000-$2,000 1 year


99% and up None Phone ✔

Email ✔

Shopfront  ✔

Viva Payday Loans $100-$5,000 2 months to 2 years 5.99% to 35.99% 20% of the loan Phone ✔

Email ✔

Shopfront ✘

AmeriCash $50-$4,000 12 mos. max Unpublished Unpublished Phone ✔

Email ✔

Shopfront ✔

Cash Net USA $100-$3,500 6-24 months 85% and up Unpublished Phone ✔

Email ✔

Shopfront ✘

Blue Trust Loans $100-$3,000 9 months


400% and up $14 per week / $100 Phone ✔

Email ✔

Shopfront ✘

ACE Cash Express $100-$2,000 1-3 months 91% and up 20% of the loan Phone ✔

Email ✔

Shopfront ✔

Best Loans Like Lendly – Quick Pick:

While Lendly provides good deals, for the most part, they aren’t the perfect choice for most people. Here are five companies that offer the very same loans like Lendly and much more.

  1. Viva Payday Loans – Offers fair APRs and fees, tailors loan deals based on client’s needs
  2. AmeriCash – Gives pre-approval check for potential clients; Reward-a-Friend cash program is a bonus
  3. CashNet USA – A direct lender, also helps clients with money management
  4. Blue Trust Loans – Offers loyalty programs for good payers
  5. ACE Cash Express – One of the most secure financial services as it is a member of FiSCA

What are Loans Like Lendly?

Lendly is considered a respectable financial service that provides appealing deals to their clients, such as personal loans with flexible terms. Their association with CCBank is a great advantage to them and their clients.

Nonetheless, the company ranks quite low in various lists of direct lenders. Here are a few reasons why:

First, their $1000 loan minimum is much too high for a lot of people. Second, their APR goes through the roof, which tends to be too much for folks who are trying to get by. It also doesn’t help that their service is not available in many states.

Fortunately for many, other companies offer the same loans like Lendly, but with better plans.

The alternatives listed above offer lower loan amounts and shorter loan terms and have more reasonable APRs and additional fees. They also have a one-day guaranteed turn-around time and have friendlier policies such as ‘no credit check’ and ‘no guarantor’ required.

Common Uses of Loans Like Lendly

Lendly, , and the rest of the financial services mentioned above have seen the difficulty many hardworking Americans go through as they live paycheck to paycheck.

And since it is hard to borrow from traditional financial institutions with their burdensome requirements, these companies provide the next best thing.

Here are just a few things people spend on when they apply for loans:

  • Everyday essentials like food and gas, especially for those who were suddenly unemployed
  • Emergency expenses like sudden healthcare costs
  • Home mortgage, car financing repayments
  • Monthly bills
  • Debt cancellations, especially those incurred in the past
  • Holiday expenses

Except for holiday loans, commonly requested by parents who want to give their children something special for Christmas, most people apply for loans like Lendly for important necessities. Very rarely will people take out cash advances for lavish purposes?

How to Qualify for Loans like Lendly

While Lendly and financial services offering loans like Lendly are more accommodating to those with bad credit, they do ask for basic requirements.

Proof of Identification and Age

A valid Social Security Number is good enough for many creditors. Any government-issued ID with a photo is also acceptable.

Open and Active Bank Account

Those applying in-store may be required to bring a blank cheque. Those who are applying online may be asked to provide debit card information and authorization to draw money for auto-payments.

Steady Source of Income

A check stub, direct deposit, or award letter are some examples of proof of employment. For business owners, bank statements, balance sheets, and similar financial statements can be used. All these are guarantees that the creditor will get their money back.

There are some companies offering loans to the recently unemployed, though. To see if these are suitable, call them to ask if that particular type of loan can be availed of.

The criteria for eligibility set by Lendly are similar to Viva Payday Loans, Americash, and the other companies in the list above.

Top 5 Loans like Lendly – Fully Reviewed

For those who think that Lendly does not suit their needs because of its excessive minimum or lengthy loan terms, here are some of the best alternatives to choose from:

1. Viva Payday Loans – Overall Best Option for Loan like Lendly

Headquartered in Gloucester Street, London, England, Viva Payday Loans is a brokerage service that acts as a liaison between borrowers and direct lenders.

Because they are associated with numerous creditors, they can offer different kinds of loans such as cash advances, short-term plans, payment on installment, bad credit loans, temporary assistance for the unemployed, and many more.

But aside from matching borrowers to the creditor with the best deal, Viva Payday Loans is lauded for their ability to do all this in just one day. Clients can accomplish their applications online, get a decision in 24 hours, and receive the funds they requested the following day.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 5.99% – 35.99%
Loan Amount Range $100 to $5,000

Initial maximum: $1,000

Loan Term Range 2 to 24 months
Turn Around Time 1 day
Fees and Other Charges 20% of the loan

4% of the loan per month

$35 for arrears

Star Rating (Out of Five) ☆☆☆☆


  • Offers the highest cash advance amount at $5,000
  • Provides the most reasonable interest rates
  • Fast application process, thanks to an easily navigable website
  • Availability of tailored loans which suits more people
  • No credit check
  • Can payout the day after the application or sooner, if all prerequisites are furnished


  • Not available in all US states
  • Have additional fees and other charges

Viva Payday Loans is an excellent financial service mainly because they aren’t direct lenders. And since the company is not limited by the regulations of just one bank or credit union, they can give their clients more options to choose from.

2. AmeriCash – Best for Pre-Approval Loans Check

Founded way back in 1997 in Des Plains, Illinois, AmeriCash started as a very small business that relied simply on word of mouth to reach out to potential clients. Now, they have offices in 11 other states in the country.

They have upgraded their services since the 90s, adding online applications, which have been very helpful. But their Refer-a-Friend strategy, a reward program that gives as much as $100 to someone who makes a referral, is still very effective for them.

APR Undisclosed
Loan Amount Range $50 – $4,000
Loan Term Range up to 12 months only
Turn Around Time 1 day
Fees and Other Charges Undisclosed
Star Rating (Out of Five) ☆☆


  • Gives pre-approval loan check (because they don’t disclose their APRs)
  • Offers as little as $50  as minimum loan offer (double-check state laws regarding this)
  • Provides installment loans
  • No pre-payment penalty


  • Does not publish their rates (APRs, fees, additional charges) outright
  • Available only in 12 states, including South Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois.

The Reward-a-Friend program and the no pre-payment penalty policy may be good enough reasons to go for AmeriCash. Unfortunately, the non-disclosure of the APRs and other fees is a bit too worrying for many.

3. CashNet USA – Best for Bad Credit Loans

Established in 2003 by Enova International, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, CashNet USA is one of the more well-known direct lenders in the country. They now have a total of 2.5 million clients scattered over 29 states.

Aside from the fast and easy application process and the guaranteed quick decision and approval, Cash Net USA is favored by many because they overlook bad credit and still accept applications for those with no guarantor.

APR 85% and up to triple-digits
Loan Amount Range $100-$3,500
Loan Term Range 6-24 months
Turn Around Time 1 day, with the possibility of getting funds the same day
Fees and Other Charges Undisclosed
Star Rating (Out of Five) ☆☆


  • Easy application, quick decision, and next-day cash release if approved
  • They have educational resources specifically about money management on their website
  • They are partnered with various businesses that provide discounts to their clients


  • Unbelievably high interest rates
  • Available in 29 states only
  • The website often crashes, making the online application feature unusable

For those who suffer from bad credit and require fast cash, this service can help. But it would be best to make all the necessary computations beforehand because of the too high APRs and undetermined additional fees.

4. Blue Trust Loans – Best for Installment Loans

Blue Trust Loans

Blue Trust Loans (Hummingbird Funds) may be headquartered in Wisconsin, but they do not follow the state’s guidelines when it comes to cash advances.

Owned by a member of the Chippewa Indians, the company operates under the laws made by sovereign Native American tribes. This is the reason for the unbelievably high APRs (over 400%) despite Wisconsin’s 36% cap on interest rates.

APR 400% and up
Loan Amount Range $100-$3,000
Loan Term Range Average of 9 months
Turn Around Time 1 day
Fees and Other Charges $14 for $100 per week
Star Rating (Out of Five) ☆


  • Online application with quick decision and funding
  • No early payment penalty
  • Loyalty program available


  • Unbelievably high APRs
  • Has an additional requirement that disregards the ‘no checks’ policy other companies have

If there was absolutely no other option and the need for additional funds is truly urgent, this financial service might help. But it would be a good idea to calculate the repayments so it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

5. ACE Cash Express – Best for No Guarantor Loans

Perhaps one of the oldest and quickest short-term loan providers, ACE Cash Express, was established in 1968 in Denver, Colorado. It is now headquartered in Irving, Texas, and has offices in 24 states.

As a member of FiSCA (Financial Service Centers of America), this is said to be one of the safest financial services in the whole country.

APR 91% and up
Loan Amount Range $100-$2,000
Loan Term Range 1-3 months
Turn Around Time 1 day
Fees and Other Charges 20% of the loan
Star Rating (Out of Five) ☆☆☆


  • The loan application can be made online and in-store
  • Aside from personal loans, offers check cashing, tax refunds, prepaid debit accounts, title loans, and so many more
  • Clients are given 72 hours to reject the loan and return the principal amount
  • Gives back to the community by donating to various organizations


  • APR is quite high considering they charge other fees
  • Website is hard to navigate

Founded over 50 years ago, the company has become a trusted name in the industry. Although the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) has taken them to court for unscrupulous debt collection, this has been resolved, and they have taken action to improve their services.

Features of Viva Payday Loans

Many misconceptions and falsehoods are spreading about financial services in general because of a few companies’ misdeeds. But here are the important features everyone needs to know about short-term loan providers.

Fast Application In-Store or Online

If the company has an office, one can simply walk in and process the loan. However, this can be done online now, which is a more efficient way for both the borrower and the creditor.

Quick Funds Disbursement

Once approved, the money requested by the borrower will be deposited straight into their account.

Flexible Deals and Plans

Brokers like Viva Payday Loans will look for the best terms (APRs, term length, etc.) that will suit the client’s needs and capability to pay.

No Checks Required

Many of these companies don’t care about one’s bad credit rating or financial standing. They focus more on the individual’s employment status.

Slightly Higher APR

Compared to banks, short-term loan providers have higher interest rates. To prevent getting caught unawares by exorbitant repayment fees, always ask for a complete computation before signing up.

How to Get Loans Like Lendly

Step 1: Visit Viva Payday Loans

Once you get to, click on the amount you plan to borrow, move the slider to your preferred loan term, and click on the “Request Funds” button.

Step 2: Fill Up the Application Form

Provide the necessary documentation for your personal information, employment data, and banking details.

Step 3: Wait for Your Decision

Authorization may be completed in just a few minutes. Stay on the site, and you can get the decision soon after.

Step 4: Receive the Loan

If you signed up early, Viva Payday Loans can deposit your funds on the very same day of your application. Otherwise, you will get it on the following business day.

Request Your Payday Loan at our Top Rated Provider – Viva Payday Loans


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