Metawave Secures Additional $26 Million in Convertible and Debt Financing



Metawave Corporationa Carlsbad, Calif.-based global leader in high-end sensing and perception solutions for land mobility and aerospace applications, secured $26 million in convertible and debt financing.

Prelude to an upcoming Series B financing, this interim financing will be used to deliver the Metawave MARCONI 77GHz and POLARIS24 GHz product lines – the mobility industry’s first chip module and beamforming antenna solutions to meet growing demands for long-range aerial sensing and advanced driver assistance systems ( ADAS) to detect vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians and other longer range objects with high resolution and accuracy.

Led by CEO and Founder Maha Anchor, Metawave is advancing millimeter wave technologies that are accelerating the transition to automated and fully autonomous operation of land and air vehicles, meeting emerging safety and service goals. With its patented high-resolution imaging SPEKTRA radar modules and associated software stacks, Metawave delivers the missing sensor with long-range detection and perception based on new machine learning and artificial intelligence for automotive, tracking, trains, aerial and drone customers. Its SPEKTRA™ radar is an automotive analog beam steering radar with resolution capable of distinguishing objects close together, in challenging driving scenarios and in all weather conditions, making cars safer and smarter. Metawave TURBO™ active repeaters and KLONE™ passive reflectors enable faster, lower-cost 5G deployments, bringing connectivity to billions of users indoors and outdoors.

To date, Metawave has raised over $60 million in funding from financial and strategic investors.

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