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MOORHEAD, Minn. — The Moorhead Area Public School Board is reviewing food policy changes proposed by the district administration. A new idea was to send families with an unpaid meal balance to debt collectors.

Superintendent Dr. Brandon Lunak said the school board is withdrawing that idea from the overall policy change. The board will hold its final vote on the policy at its next meeting. If the policy passes in its currently amended form, the idea of ​​debt collection would be eliminated.

“They have to approve a policy, but what’s in that policy, the board can decide whether it stays or not, and at the moment the board has chosen to remove that,” Lunak said, referring to the statement. idea of ​​debt collection.

Lunak said they have other ways to tackle lunch debt. He added that they are constantly looking for ways to work with struggling families. Dr. Lunak said all students receive the same meals inside the cafeteria, regardless of their lunch budget. There are no alternative meals.

“What are other mechanisms that we can use to help support families that are in need, and at the same time support the district so that we no longer compress this general fund,” Lunak said.

Lunak said they needed to take $200,000 from the general fund to cover unpaid lunch debts for the past three years.

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