Revel Announces $50 Million Debt Financing for US Expansion


Revel, the Brooklyn-based, New York City-wide ridesharing service, is expanding nationwide.

Tuesday, revel in announced $50 million in debt financing with BlackRock Alternatives to expand its network of high-volume, fast-charging Superhubs outside of New York and into more regions across the United States

Revel currently has the country’s largest public fast-charging depot in North America, located in Brooklyn. The flagship Superhub will ultimately be just one of many across the United States as Revel plans to invest in expanding charging infrastructure.

“We are delighted to continue to support Revel through this investment on behalf of our customers, which will enable the company to continue to expand its Superhub network and ultimately help reduce carbon emissions in major centers. cities,” said Martin, BlackRock’s climate infrastructure manager for the Americas. Torres said.

“BlackRock’s climate infrastructure team has been a great partner for Revel, and today’s announcement shows how committed they are to our shared goals,” said Frank Reig, CEO and Co-Founder. by Revel. “With support from BlackRock, Revel is preparing a huge expansion of our Superhub network, giving cities across the country the infrastructure they need to go electric.”

Teslarati contacted Revel for more information regarding future sites. The company told us the locations would be announced soon, but they confirmed that more high-volume locations would be coming to New York.

In February, Revel has raised $126 million in a round led by BlackRock Renewable Power. This funding is also being used to build new fast-charging Superhubs in major regions of the United States. The new locations will offer charging speeds of at least 150kW to stay competitive as charging infrastructure in the United States continues to advance. Superhubs are designed for multiple use cases, including general consumers, Revel’s all-electric carpool fleet, third-party carpool operators and light delivery vehicles.

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Revel Announces $50 Million Debt Financing for US Expansion

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