Sila Offers Customers Digital Debt Collection Services Through New TrueAccord Partnership



PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sila Inc., a fintech software platform that provides payment infrastructure as a service, today announced its partnership with TrueAccord, the leading debt collection company offering smart collections and collection solutions and digital, to make it easier for Sila’s customers to use TrueAccord’s products and services. Delinquent and delinquent account management is a key element that fintechs should have in place as part of their overall funds management. Using a patented machine learning engine and engagement data from millions of customers, TrueAccord delivers a personalized self-service experience that drives consumer engagement and cutting-edge results. Responding to consumer preference for digital-first services, TrueAccord uses a range of channels, including email, SMS, voicemail suppression, and more, to reduce noise and enhance free- customer service and inbound communication.

Since its inception, Sila has focused on providing industry-leading API solutions. Equally important, Sila has continuously grown its network of partners to augment its offering in anticipation of the additional features that Sila customers will need to grow their business successfully. With the recent addition of TrueAccord, Sila is on track to close deals with over 40 specialty service providers by the end of this quarter.

“Sila is proud to welcome TrueAccord as a partner. We know our customers will benefit from this key addition to our partner network and a closer relationship between our two organizations,” said Shamir Karkal, CEO and Co-Founder of Sila Inc. “Like many of our fintech customers, TrueAccord has was founded by an individual who had a suboptimal experience with a traditional financial institution and decided to do something about it. It’s a mindset that’s very close to ours because we started Sila around the idea of ​​providing payment services that empower entrepreneurs to build the new financial world they have in mind.

“We’ve worked with more than 16 million consumers on their journey to repay debt, and we use this data and feedback to understand how and when to best engage consumers to facilitate repayment. By enabling consumers to create plans flexible payment methods and offering modern, digital communication channels, we are changing the debt collection landscape from hostile and harassing to empathetic and helpful,” said Mark Ravanesi, CEO of TrueAccord Corp. “We look forward to updating leverage our extensive expertise for the benefit of Sila’s customers and consumers.

About Sila

Sila is a fintech software platform that provides payment infrastructure as a service, an essential element for all businesses that need to integrate with the US banking system and blockchain quickly, securely and in accordance with US regulations. applies. Sila offers banking, digital wallet and ACH payment APIs for software teams. The company has been recognized as one of the “Best Workplaces in FinTech in 2021”. Sila is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit

About TrueAccord

TrueAccord is the first smart, digital collection and retrieval company trusted by leaders across industries to drive breakthrough results while delivering a superior customer experience. TrueAccord pioneered the industry’s only adaptive intelligence: a patented machine learning engine, powered by engagement data from over 16 million consumer journeys, that dynamically personalizes all facets of the experience customer – from channel to message to type of plan and more – in real time. Combined with code-based compliance and a self-service digital experience, TrueAccord delivers 50-80% better clearance and recovery rates than industry benchmarks. The TrueAccord product suite includes Retain, an early-stage recovery solution, and Recover, a full-service debt collection platform. To learn more, visit

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