Tryllian Bank Corporation raised $414.6 million through private and debt financing



Tryllian Bank app and card

Tryllian Bank Card

Tryllian Bank Card

Tryllian Bank Application Card and Web Portal

Tryllian Bank Application Card and Web Portal

It’s official, we’ve raised $55 million with $358 million in debt financing, for our global expansion into the US, UK, Rest of Europe, Singapore and South Africa. South.

Success comes to those who work for a better future, and today is the start of one of those moments of success for Tryllian Bank.

— Luqman Samie

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 8, 2022 / – Global challenger bank Tryllian closed a funding round with $55 million in equity from A List the assets of the group and Tryllian capital a new private equity firm and $358 million in convertible debt financing from three private institutions, in its latest round of pre-seed financing, Luqmaan Samie reported.

Tryllian has now raised $414.6 million at a time when investors are withholding capital. The company also has more than 1.5 million pre-customers, including more than 85,000 small business and independent users, and more than 180,000 paid Tryllian Account, Tryllian Business Premium, and Tryllian Metaverse Accounts current accounts in the United States, UK, EU, Singapore and South Africa.

The company’s valuation after this funding round is now over $1.5 billion. Luqmaan Samie said the increase will support Tryllian Banking Corporation in its global expansion, it also announced that they will now fully tackle the task of being a fully licensed bank in the US, UK, Singapore and South Africa. With this funding, they plan to purchase dying licensed banks in order to restructure these banks into subsidiaries of Tryllian Bank for a smarter and faster move into select territories. The company plans to launch in the US and UK in early 2025 as a fully licensed bank and list by 2030 on the London, New York and Nasdaq stock exchanges, which will was an idea in 2018 by Mr. Luqmaan Samie.

About Tryllian Bank Corporation

Founded in 2020 and based in Los Angeles, CA. In stages, Tryllian Bank Corporation will combine our business model with all customer banking and payment accounts, investments and insurance in a single application and online web portals. The app will give users an overview of all their accounts, cards and spending limits, freeze/unfreeze cards or accept/decline transactions and can sell products to users through the intuitive app. Our upsell products will be personal loans, mortgages, loans, credit card loans, travel, life and device insurance. We will also have an investment space for beginners and regular investors.

Tryllian Bank Corporation put its shareholders and future customers at the center of its business model and became a billion dollar company in less than 24 months. We currently have offices in Los Angeles, London and soon in Singapore and Cape Town.

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